Student Alumuni
"Institute of Engineering & Management(IEM)

Memorandom of Association

1. Society Name:-"Institute of Engineering & Management(IEM)"

2. Address:-Gourahari Vihar,Raniput,Po:-Jeypore-764005,Dist:-Koraput(Odisha)

3. Aims and Objectives:-

1) To act as a link between the "Alma Mater" (Institute of Engineering & Management(IEM)) and the "Alumni" (the past students).

2) To provide a platform for interaction between alumni, present students, faculty of the college and college administration.

3) To improve the facilities and infrastructure of the college with the help of active participation of the alumni.

4) To make available the expertise and experience of the alumni for the development of research and educational activities of the college.

5) To be of the service to the member, to the Alma Mater, the present student and to the society at large.

6) To carry out the following-

a) Help deserving people and charitable causes.

b) Function as visiting / guest faculty for the students.

c) Help students in their Moot Court, drafting, internship and placements.

d) Conduct mock interviews and guidance program for the students before their placement.

e) Conduct meeting of educative topical value by inviting eminent personnel to address them.

f) Act as a jury member for any cultural / academic events organized by the Alma Mater.

g) To conduct competitions, seminars and workshop for the students.

h) Help students to work on live case studies and with experienced advocates.

i) Guide the students with developing contacts for professional and academic enrichment.

j) Conduct film shows of educational relevance for benefit of the students.

k) Conduct sports/ Cultural meet for the members and for the students.

l) Assist the Alma Mater in conducting examinations.

m) To arrange for study tours, education tours, delegation for the member.

n) To develop & maintain a web-site of the alumnus.

7) To provide following benefits to its members:-

a) Opportunity to use the library of the Alma Mater.

b) Opportunity to participate in the academic and cultural events organized by the Alma Mater.

c) Opportunity to use computer laboratory and Internet facility of the Alma Mater.

d) Opportunity to be part of the annual get together and dinner.

e) Offer guidance for professional enhancement and career development.

8) To grant free-ship Scholarships, Prizes, Monetary assistance, books and/or Stationery to the poor and deserving students, etc.

9) To give medical relief to the poor students.

10) To celebrate 15th August, 26th January, 2nd October & traditional Occasion.

11) To plan and implement Welfare Programs /activities with the object of creating self-reliance among the poor and the needy.

12) To educate the community in social Responsibilities and impart the knowledge of various Social Services available so as to enable them to make use of the same.

13) To provide career and vocational guidance to youth.

14) Guidance enhancement offer for professional and career development.

15) To render relief services at the time of natural calamities and emergencies.

16) To award scholarships, stipends, medical and other concessions to pupils and descrying men and women and who study in school conducted by the society and also help and give relief to the poor and indignant and other deserting person or persons by providing food, shelter, periodical distribution of cloth, medicine and money.

17) To do all other lawful things incidental or conductive to attainment of any of the objects of the institution and to incur necessary expenditure thereon.

18) To provide every type of assistance to the members of Association.